The Inner Asana; Fundamentals of Yin Yoga Workshop

The Inner Asana

2 Day Intensive

Saturday January 20th 1-7PM

Sunday January 21st 1-4pm

 This course qualifies for 9 hours of CE credit for RYT



This 3 part workshop is for yogis and yoga teachers who would like to deepen their understanding of the yin practice in both theory and application.

So, whether you’re a student who has experienced the practice and feels called to take it to the next level or you’re a yoga teacher who would like to have more confidence in teaching this subtle yet potent practice….




This Workshop Includes

  • An overview of meridian theory as it applies to the Yin practice so that you can inspire your existing practice or intentionally craft a sequence of healing postures to teach.
  • An exploration of the chakra system as it relates to the emotional body so that you can optimize the deep healing available in each pose.
  • The major meridian systems and the poses that affect them so that you can craft a practice specific to particular physical, emotional, and mental outcomes.
  • Instruction in mindfulness as taught by the Buddha and how to apply it to the yin practice so that you can experience the research proven benefits of this ancient teaching in all areas of your life.
  • How yin practice provides an effective container for the processing of “stuck” emotions which live along the spine line so that you can reclaim more of your wholeness.
  • How to cultivate positive mind states through the practice of Metta, or loving kindness.
  • Active yoga practices so that you can experience and integrate what you learn.



Praise for Carina and the Inner Asana…

“Carina is a gifted teacher who has worked and continues to work with her own life challenges, preparing her to help others with theirs. I feel fortunate that as I move towards my eighties, I have found a teacher and spirit to whom I can connect. Carina has guided me to recognize, for the first time, the sadness lodged in my body. With her help, I am beginning to express these emotions purely, relieving my body and my mind.” Joyce Lott

“This completely encapsulates our journey into the asanas of Yin and more.  Thank you Carina!” Michelle Johnson


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Carina is an experienced yoga teacher who has studied the yin practice for the last 10 years through the lens of Sarah Power’s Insight Yoga. She teaches several yin classes a week in her hometown of Long Beach, Ca. She is an Applied Meditation Counselor and is passionate about helping people decode their inner wisdom to move beyond their limitations and unlock their most authentic self. Find out more about her at


At Yogalutionmovement

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