FREE 7 Days of Self Love; Guided meditations to awaken your worthy heart



Self Love is your healing medicine.


Your body, heart, and mind won’t unfold under the pressure of lack.

If you are living your life from a fundamental belief that you are not enough your actions will arise from fear and insecurity.  

Whenever we are operating out of our lack, we get judgmental and competitive and feel like there just isn’t enough goodness to go around.  

You may sense loving yourself is EXACTLY what’s missing.  This is good news!  

Acknowledging you could use a little more self love is the first self loving act you take.  So you are ALREADY loving yourself more just by reading this.

But this is hardly enough, is it?

Loving yourself is a SKILL.  Contrary to what you may believe most of us don’t know how to do it.         

That’s why I made this 7 day journey.  For 7 days beginning September 25th 2017 you will receive a guided sitting and journal meditation.  The journal meditations have an option to get creative, should you so choose.

I will be LIVE with you these 7 days, offering live streamed videos on the various topics we will be covering.  This way you can ask questions or just share what’s true for you in the support of a loving community of like minded self love warriors.

Did I mention it’s FREELY offered?  Yup.  Just sign up by filling out the sign up form below with your email address.

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