Embodied Mindfulness Programs with Carina




I know you!

You’re a yogi, a meditator, or a person devoted to becoming your best self.

You want to THRIVE in your life.

But there are still some pieces missing for you.

Are you becoming the person you know you truly are?

Or are you struggling with….

  • Feeling stuck in negative emotional patterns that you can’t quite seem to shift?
  • Negative belief systems that are sabotaging your growth?
  • Finding a sense of joy and purpose in your life?
  • Establishing and maintaining a consistent meditation and yoga practice?
  • Personal growth practice ADD…you know a million different practices so you get overwhelmed with exactly what to do and when?
  • Playing small in your life for fear of displeasing others?

Peace, Ease, Purpose, Vitality, and Joy are your Birthright

I speak from experience. A little about my story…..

IMG_0619 (2)

Meditation saved my life.

I found it about 13 years ago.

  • At that time I was suffering from anxiety that was leading to panic attacks, a familiar cycle that I had been enduring since childhood.
  • Having grown up with parents in active drug and alcohol addiction, I had become REALLY GOOD at suppressing my emotions.
  • I learned how to caretake and essentially prioritize other peoples feelings over my own.
  • I was terrified of disappointing people, so I got really good at not doing it.
  • I either performed REALLY REALLY WELL or I HID by blending in so you wouldn’t notice me.
  • I had been through years of talk therapy and studied Health Psychology as an undergraduate, but I STILL FELT TERRIBLE ON THE INSIDE.

So I tried meditation…and things got so much better.

  • I began to practice at home. I found a teacher who was also a Dr. of Applied Meditation Therapy and a Zen roshi, or master teacher.
  • I started practicing yoga and became a dedicated yin yoga practitioner.
  • I did somatic experiencing and worked closely with a teacher and therapist who taught me how to unwind the stuck psychic energy I was holding in my body.
  • I became an Applied Meditation Teacher and Counselor as well as Yoga Teacher.

When we begin to RECLAIM our inherent ENOUGHNESS, everything in our life changes. FOR THE BETTER.


Don’t just take my word for it. Here is some feedback from some of my prior students who have done the program:

“I have experienced various types of therapies over the years, from individual, group, and couples therapy. None of them have been as effective and life changing as mindful meditation and self-reflective journaling under the guidance of Carina.”- Beatrice S

“I have been able to identity negative thoughts more quickly, and now have the tools to transform them into positive. I have learned how much my thoughts were connected to my feelings. I used to live more in my head, my reality was my thoughts. As I started to feel more, and allow myself to feel more I was able to understand my thoughts and control them better.”-Jennifer O

“I’ve never known self love nor compassion. I’ve spent my life berating and belittling myself, causing physical, emotional and mental harm. Carina has given me access to a whole new world by validating my experiences and feelings, and showing me that I am not alone in my processing. I’ve always felt like a freak… now I feel like an empowered woman, so deeply loved and truly in the midst of a deep healing. Thank you.”-Tiffany S

For those living outside the Long Beach, Ca area I offer sessions via Skype and FaceTime.


  • 6-13 75 Minute PRIVATE sessions with me
  • Tools to help you reclaim your authentic self….
  • Belief work to illuminate your old story and write your new one
  • Chakra attunement to unlock the treasure of your body wisdom
  • Writing meditation to tap into your emotional body language
  • Daily Mindfulness Meditation to help you establish a meditation “habit”
  • Healing Breath Work and Yoga
  • Transform negative beliefs into new, life affirming ones
  • Email Support Between Sessions
  • Unlimited yoga classes at Yogalutionmovement while part of the 12 week program.
    Affordable. You can’t put a price on this stuff, but if you could I’d say you are getting a very good deal. 


Want to find out more? Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 1 on 1 session with me with truly NO OBLIGATION. I want to make sure this is right for you as well:). At the end of our session, if it seems a good fit, I will share what the self investment will be.


Let me know if you are available mornings, evenings, or Saturdays ( Saturday slots go fast so don’t hesitate) in your email and we will set something up!


I look forward to taking this journey with you!

Sending LOVE,